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Roof Insulations

  • INSULLA - Heat Resistant Terrace Tiles.
  • COOL ROOF- Heat Reflective (SRI) Paint With Application.

INSULLA Heat Insulation Tiles are made from cool grit granules. These granules absorb and store within, The humidity from the air, cooling the tile and the surface below it. As the temperature rises, these granules release the water vapour, ensuring that the heat is not transferred below.

This Eco- friendly process also absorbs CO2 and neutralises harmful Nitrogen oxide present in the air, there by acting as a natural air purifier. They are designed to control the flow of heat from roof and used as surface resistant about 60% of saving in energy as compared to normal roofing. The external surface of the tiles is also designed to provide a smooth and semi glossy finish which is anti-skid and 100% waterproofing guaranteed surface which remains almost permanent.

INSULLA Eco - Friendly Thermal Insulation Tiles for building Roof & Decks, Advanced Technology and it act as HEAT RESISTANT /WATER RESISTANT /STAINFREE /ANTI-SKID and tested by NML - Chennai, BMTPC (Approved Roofing Tiles under Central Minstry of Housing). New Delhi, Approved by ISRO, TERI - Bengaluru, BEPL & CEPT - Gujarat & CTAL - Chennai.

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Highest SRI (Solar Reflective Index)-122 as per IGBC/LEEDS Standards:

COOLROOF Solar Reflective Paint is a high albedo product having Solar Reflective of 0.95tested as per ASTM C 1549 and Thermal Emittance as high as 0.91 tested as per ASTM C 1371. Further the solar Reflective Index (SRI) for COOLROOF is 122 tested as per ASTM E 1980 which is as per IGBC/LEEDS specified standards.

Above test report of Solar Reflective (0.95) meaning hereby that 95% of the solar radiations are reflected back, which is the maximum that can be achieved in this product category, thus the roof viz -a- viz room temperature gets reduced considerably.

Approved by Green Building Bodies: (approved by IGBC and GRIHA)

We take pride is informing that our product COOLROOF. Heat Reflective Paint is one of the very few green building products approved by both of green building bodies in India i.e. IGBC and GRIHA for high albedo/High SRI coatings.

Lowest VOC(Volatile Organic Compound) - 1.34 gm/litre
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roofinsulations images

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